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The 52nd Earth Day: Students from WZU are protecting the Mother Earth

Release time: 2021-04-23

To celebrate the 52nd Earth Day, April 19-25 is set as the special week to conduct featured activities. In line with the theme of this year— Restore Our Earth, the students and staff of the College of Life and Environmental Sciences launched a series of activities.

Publicity Campaign in residential complex and middle school

On the morning of April 19th, students came to the Culture Auditorium of Boyuan Residential Complex to hold a publicity campaign to disseminate knowledge about environmental protection. Focusing on "repairing the earth and shouldering the responsibility," volunteers delivered lectures, held knowledge contests, collected environmental problems in this residential complex, etc.

"We are too old and have a poor memory. Young people can always come up with ideas to let us understand the new policies, save resources, protect the environment, and build an ecologically civilized society. We should make our due contribution." Wang, a senior lady living there highly praised the event. She also said: “The university students know how to give back to the society, and they have taught us many tips for environmental protection at home. We need more activities like this!”

Later, students went to Chashan Experimental Middle School Affiliated to Wenzhou University to disseminate knowledge about the protection of the earth.

Care for the lake in the university

The water in the artificial lake on the campus lacks fluidity, and is prone to have algal blooms. As the College of Life and Environmental Sciences has the "National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Urban Water Pollution Ecological Treatment Technology" and a volunteer organization "Public Welfare Center for Water Environment", the students, on the morning of April 21, wearing life jackets and carrying professional tools came to Mingxin Lake to collect the water sample for further test and salvage aquatic plants.

Recycling for better use of resources

On the morning of April 22, the students carried out an old object upcycling activity with the theme of "Resource Utilization and Old Object Renovation" in Buqing Square. With the idle materials, disposable items and other waste materials collected in advance, students began to creatively transform and renovate the old things.

Hand-painted eco-friendly bags, woven gift boxes, hand-embroidered fans, etc. have attracted many passers-by who later joined this event.  


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