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Milestone! WZU Authorized to Grant Doctoral Degree

Release time: 2021-11-24


According to the notice recently released by the State Council, Wenzhou University has managed to become one of doctoral degree conferring institutions in China and its chemistry has become first-level discipline authorized to offer doctoral degree program.

It’s a shared aspiration for WZUers to establish Wenzhou University as one of doctoral degree conferring institutions. Thanks to concerted efforts of several generations of  WZUers, it has been turned into reality.This marks another milestone after it was listed as a key university in Zhejiang province in 2019. So far, Wenzhou University has been authorized to offer a complete range of degrees, from bachelor’s to doctor’s, ushering into a new stage of development.

Hard work always pays off. Guided by policy of fostering virtue through education, Wenzhou University bears in mind its mission and sustains its efforts. Great progress has been made in producing graduates of distinction, R&D, social services and cultural inheritance. Wenzhou University has established itself as a local intellectual powerhouse, with its disciplines spanning arts, science, engineering, law, education, economics, history, management and fine arts. Wenzhou University provides 1 first-level discipline doctoral program, 18 postgraduate programs (academic pathway) for first-level disciplines and 12 postgraduate programs (professional pathway). Chemistry, materials science, and engineering are among the top 1% of ESI ranking in the world.  WZU employs 31 national-level talents including academicians, Yangtze River scholars, highly distinguished medium-aged and young experts, candidates for “national talent project”, national outstanding youth fund winners, national cultural experts, etc. 158 academic professionals were selected as talents at or above provincial level in total. WZU is proud to have 3 national-level scientific research platforms, 29 provincial-level scientific research platforms. It has also won a host of awards such as the second prize of National Technological Invention with WZU as the first institution, the first prize of National Teaching Award, the first prize of Excellent Scientific Research Achievement Award (Humanities and Social Sciences) sponsored by Ministry of Education, and the Chinese Patent Gold Award. To serve the local community, we built 9 industrial research institutes, 1 postgraduate institute and 11 affiliated schools together with the local government. WZU sustains its efforts to make innovations in low-voltage electrical appliances, ecology and environment protection, laser and optoelectronics, mechanical equipment, carbon materials, ultra-soft soil foundation, and big data in ways that drive local relevant sectors. 

Wenzhou University’s success also is an important milestone for Wenzhou’s higher education. So far, the number of doctoral degree conferring institutions in Wenzhou has amounted to 2, making the city of Wenzhou second in Zhejiang province. Therefore, Wenzhou’s important role in higher education is growing across the region of Southern Zhejiang Province, Northern Fujian Province and Eastern Jiangxi Province.

All WZUers will stay united and embark on a new journey. All faculty and students will stay committed to their targets, bear in mind their goals and strive to establish WZU as a distinctively featured research-oriented university in ways that serves China’s higher education and regional community and economy.

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