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Affiliated School of Wenzhou University Inauguration

Release time: 2021-11-19

On 12 November morning, Affiliated School of Wenzhou University held the unveiling ceremony and officially appointed Xiaowu Qu, a special allowance expert for the State Council, a National Outstanding Teacher, a supreme-grade teacher of Zhejiang Province, as well as former principal of Wenzhou Nanpu Experimental Middle School, as Principal of the school.

At the ceremony, Deputy Mayor of Wenzhou Municipal Government Jian Zhang, President of Wenzhou University Min Zhao, Secretary of Party Committee and Director of Wenzhou Ecological Park Management Commission Zhaoming Chen, Deputy Director of Education Bureau of Wenzhou City Jianbo Wang, and Deputy Director of Ouhai District Danyan Cao attended the unveiling ceremony.

A high-grade nine-year education provider jointly created by Wenzhou University, Ouhai District Government, and Wenzhou Ecological Park Management Commission, Affiliated School of Wenzhou University is the only affiliated school under direct administration of Wenzhou University. Located at the junction of Ouhai District, Longwan District and Lucheng District and adjacent to Sanyang Wetland, this school is comprised of 54 classes and the primary and secondary divisions started recruiting students for the first time in the autumn of 2021.

Affiliated School of Wenzhou University

+ “Wenzhou University”

Relying on the superior resources of normal education

Normal education is one of the main characteristics of Wenzhou University. Among fundamental education team in Wenzhou City, 72% of the famous principals, 53% of the senior-grade teachers and 55% of the teachers have studied at Wenzhou University. Affiliated School has access to the outstanding resources of Wenzhou University. Six senior-grade teaching divisions of the school led by Xiaowu Qu (English), Jinchong Jiang (Society), Liu Chen (Chinese), Lifang Jin (Maths), Chunyu Bian (Information Technology), and Weiran Wang (English) will participate in the education activities of the school directly and help with the professional development of all the teachers in the affiliated school. Most recently Affiliated School of Wenzhou University will also continue to recruit a number of senior-grade and well-known teachers nationwide to strengthen the quality of the teachers, improve the teaching resources, and enhance the general education quality of the school.

Thanks to the superior education resources of Wenzhou University who provided huge support in terms of course planning and training teachers, the school is seeing Dr. Jianyu Jin from the School of Education of Wenzhou University appointed as full-time science teacher in the primary education section, Mr. Jinchong Jiang from the Education Development and Research Institute of Wenzhou University as a full-time society teacher, Mr. Lei Yu from the College of Humanities of Wenzhou University as a writing tutor who heads the “Fun Chinese” writing classes each week, and Professor Zhenjie Hong from Wenzhou University as the mathematical thinking tutor who lectures the mathematical thinking development class each week. The above mentioned teachers and professors will hold lectures regularly at the school which has greatly broadened students’ insights. Professors Zuoren Zhang, Jue Hu, and Qi Zhou from Wenzhou University will also hold lectures on “scientific diet, high-efficiency learning, value of life, and interactive communication”. Meanwhile the full-time Academician Zhenmin Jin from Wenzhou University, Yangtze River Scholar Xiuzi Ye, National Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contribution title holder Xiang Ji, Famous Cultural Expert of CPC Publicity Department as well as “Four Batches” talents, famous online writers, Shengnan Jiang of Wenzhou University and various other high-achieving experts and scholars will also hold inspirational lectures on irregular basis. Students from teacher-preparation classes of Wenzhou University will fully participate in the extension courses and one-on-one tutorials provided to Affiliated School of Wenzhou University. Affiliated School of Wenzhou University will be included into the program of construction of teaching base in Zhejiang Province, which will make it an innovation and research base for the Master of Education and Master of Education Science programs.

+ “Growth”

Care for the health and development of every child

The school will mainly focus on establishing healthy living, teaching students to become scholars, innovators, and responsible people, providing colorful science, culture, arts, working skill, reading, and other various social clubs so that every child will be able to pick up at least one skill. The school will also organize children to watch news, read, and take part in sports every day, which will not only uplift children’s spirit but also increase calcium supply needed by students daily.

As a direct subordinate of Wenzhou University, the affiliated school will take advantage of the education resources available from Music School, College of Arts and Design, and College of Sports and Health. They will invite the famous soprano singer from Wenzhou University Xiaoyan Li, “Gold Bell” award winner and famous vocal instructor from Wenzhou University Dashuai Chen, Doctor of Music Arts in violin performance from Manhattan School of Music, United States, as well as lecturer from Wenzhou University Lele Jiang, member of China Calligraphers Association and Professor of Wenzhou University Guoping Zhu, famous Chinese scholar of Olympic Studies Jiandong Yi, and many other famous scholars and experts will also regularly give lectures at the school to help  students broaden vision and improve students’ quality in general. In the meantime, the physics, chemistry and biology labs and education center for the College of Mathematics and Physics, College of Health and Environment and College of Chemical Engineering as well as the Buqing Su and Chaohao Gu Memorial Hall for the College of Mathematics and Physics are all open to students at the affiliated school. And the resourceful library of Wenzhou University is also open to all the teachers and students at the affiliated school.

+ “Future”

Creation of a window for future education

To establish a school that brings prosperity to every child is the expectation and goal upheld by Wenzhou University, Ouhai District Government and Wenzhou Ecological Park Management Commission.

According to the future plan for Affiliated School of Wenzhou University and by adhering to the value of “creating, aiming, innovating, and enjoying the future” and through actively responding to the demand for high-quality talents in the community, Affiliated School of Wenzhou University will prioritize research of “creating futuristic students, course programs, classrooms, campuses, teachers, and communities (parents)” and focus on establishing a benchmark for education industry in the future, optimize educational goals, course structure, teaching process, teaching scenario, teacher-student structure, and school operation and administration, construct a high-end education system, a high-quality school-based curriculum, high-input in-depth learning system, and high-immersion environment and education system, high-level teacher training system, high-efficiency collaborative education system, as well as a high-quality development system for “future education”, this school aims to become a demonstrative future education provider and establish a famous brandname under Wenzhou University.

“Big platform, great insight, and broad vision for a great personality” is a promise made by Wenzhou University to all the students at the affiliated school. It is also a commitment that will be applied to Wenzhou University.


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